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Welcome to the Roadmap to Hybrid Instruction Virtual Retreat Page!

Here you will be able to access the pre-work, live session link, and post-retreat reflection.


Your registration includes 21, 30-minute coaching sessions with the facilitator, which you can also access from this page. 

Retreat Pre-Work


Before the course, engage in enlightening preparatory work by diving into thought-provoking videos designed to ignite inspiration and understanding.




After you have viewed the course videos, fill out our initial questionnaire, paving the way for a tailored and enriching learning experience during our upcoming live session.

Live Session Schedule & Link


Download the schedule below to access the Zoom Link and handouts/workbook we'll be using during the live event.

Post-Retreat Reflection Work

Following our invigorating retreat, indulge in reflective moments by engaging in guided introspection, capturing insights gleaned from the session. Leverage these reflections to refine your learning and apply newfound knowledge to your hybrid teaching endeavors.

Click the link below to submit your post-retreat reflection work in our "Post-Retreat Padlet."

Book Your Coaching Session


The Roadmap Retreat includes 2 coaching sessions to help you apply what you learned to your work. Click the link below to access the facilitator's calendar.

NOTE: Coaching sessions are intended to provide guidance on setting professional goals and creating strategies to meet those goals. Coaching is not count as or replace a therapeutic service such as counseling or psychotherapy. 

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