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Music Education Services & Programs

Music lessons for the human soul.

The Music Department at TMWC is a place where people can nurture their soul through song. Our students are musicians, healthcare workers, chorus members, composers, educators, therapists, and more who wish to immerse themselves in the powerful magic of the music world.


We are excited to announce that we are now offering lessons in partnership with Roberts Musical Instruments, 687 Quaker Lane, West Warwick, RI 02893

For more info, check them out -->

The studio offers lessons in voice, composition, and piano both online, and in our home studio location in West Warwick, RI. Lessons can be weekly or biweekly. 

Our coaching and mentorship programs help instructors create a solid studio model consistent with their philosophy and practice. 

How our sessions work...

Our services can be in-person, online, or a combination of the two!


Online lessons are facilitated through Zoom Video Conferencing software. Many of our students choose a “hybrid” learning style, where they attend face-to-face, online lessons 2-3 times per month, and attend a live, in-person lesson once per month.

Piano on Stage

About Your Instructor

Timothy W. Anderson, M.Ed., B.M. 

I believe that music can be a way to awaken the powerful, spiritual energy lying within each one of us. It has the power to change our energy, our emotions, and our feelings. It can create and reconnect us to memories of years past.

As an educator, my role is to create a sacred learning space where students can tap into music’s many benefits. This means structuring lessons for a variety of learning preferences and learning needs. I take pride in the fact that my students come from all walks of life and attend their lessons for many reasons, from the opera singer aspiring to land that powerful soprano role to the person with memory loss trying to reconnect to their past self.

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